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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  December 28, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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now, good morning maryland. >> one year later and her case is still unsolved. what's planned tonight to remember felicia barns. >> plus, this intersection that confuses drivers, the city has a plan to fix the problem and relieve the stress and congestion. and backstage with some local talent. all of this is straight ahead on this wednesday, december 28th. let's read right over to justin with a check of your midweek forecast. >> we're taking a look at temperatures and you know what,e find is meyersville at 37. they had some flooding up there and we had ourselves quite a bit of rain. definitely a good churpg of wind and many of us picking up over 40-mile-per-hour winds yesterday and we could get close today on the backside of this storm, but most of us within a few notches of 40ed. clouds have tried to come back in within the last couple of hours. we're watching that back into western p.a. really getting hammered with that lake effect sonoma sheen but for us it's about the wind behind the storm. partly to mostly cloudy skies.
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i'll see if i can work on that, but we're pushing that 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. a blustery day holding about 44 degrees. let's see what's happening on the roads. our main roads looking pretty good, but one problem of note on 295. you may want to take 95 northbound in the city. we had an overturned vehicle on 295 northbound blocking two lanes at the harbor tunnel throughway. at the meantime between the capital beltway and the baltimore beltway, no problems to report. also a live look at the baltimore beltway, 695 and wilkins avenue, very quiet for this time of morning. your drive times looking pretty good. average for the most part. no delay to report on the beltway, 95 or the harrisburg expressway. over to you. it's been exactly one year since felicia barns went missing and her body was found in the river. what friends and families are going to do to mark that girl's one year anniversary. >> there's going to be a rally tonight to remember felicia barns and all the other missing
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persons out there. they hope it will keep the teen's murder in the spotlight and lead to an arrest soon. she went missing a year ago. her body was found four months later in the river. police say she was murdered but never said how and no suspects were ever named in the case. barns was an honor roll student and star athlete. she lived in north carolina. today her high school there will be planting a tree in her honor. the unsolved case has spurred a lot of attention. family, friends, even strangers have come out to rally for her over the last year. tonight's call to action to remember felicia starts at 7:00 at browns memorial baptist church. we're hearing felicia's dad will be there. news time now is 6:02 and reports of sexual assaults are up in the nation's three major military academies. that i includes the naval academy in annapolis. in 2010, school year there were
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65 reports involving cadets. that's up from a year earlier. this may show that the efforts have been effective at encouraging victims to report . two leading hopefuls for the presidential nomination. it's just six days and the attacks were direct and one could get creative. more on this report. >> republican presidential hopefuls, can't we all just play nice? nut gingrich new -- groups aligned with well funded opponents like romney. >> not especially conservative ideas made him a poor speaker of the house. >> if the attacks are coming from supporters and not from romney himself had gingrich gearing off at aforementioned
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message. >> if you want to attack people at least be man enough to own it. >> he had barbs of his own to . >> i thought it was more like lucille ball at the chocolate factory. >> you might be able to understand the testiness if you could see how close the polls are. texas congressman ron pall has a slight lead over romney and gingrich. others aren't counting themselves out and continue to barn storm across the state. >> the city wants to help out. the city is looking to spend about $7 million to make improvements but putting a round about at the intersection. right now there are two left turn lanes and two straight lanes. the city hopes the round about will cut down on the accidents
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and confusion. drivers we spoke with had mixed reaction to the proposal. >> it actually reduces the number of stops because it makes everything a yield condition. so all drivers entering must yield to the vehicles that are already in the round about but if no vehicle is in the round about they can proceed if it's safe to do so. at an always stop control or a signalized intersection all vehicles would come to a stop or stop at the red indic. >> city officials say things are still in the planning phases and neighborhood input would be a big factor determining if they would proceed. he was 80 years old and died of kidney failure. cheetah was a comic relief in the series. he went on to live at an animal sane woir in the 60s and lived there until his death on christmas eve. consumer news for you this
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morning check your covers because some handbag collection is off the shelves. here's the product package your screen. people with allergies to peanuts or other nuts run the risk of reaction if they eat candies. if you bought the candies you can return them to the place of purchase and you can receive a full refund. and enterprises is now recalling one liter bottles of the pat o'brien's cocktail mix. if you have it return it for a full refund. well, the lion king is continuing its run in baltimore. you might have seen the incredible performances from the audience. it looks a little different behind stage. a look at who's pulling the strings.
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>> but it was like pulling teeth to get bruce to go see what he thought was a kid show. >> once the show opened i was amazed. it was not at all what i expected and it was wonderful. >> shares company with every night of the week. >> the beak with the index finger and then the other hands control the wings. >> so our man is in charge of the stars on stage. >> well, this is mufassa. he is the original king.
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this is nala. the back is form fitted particularly to that performer's head. this is a thermplast. it's used in the medical industry. >> there's no way he knew or anyone else knew that one day he'd be the mechanical genius of one of our greatest musicals. >> i made my own hand puppets and i used to put on puppet shows in the backyard. >> now this is his front. >> i feel like i have a dream job. and that was scar. the show runs through sunday, january 8th and here"s a tip. if you don't have new year's plans, that show still has great seats available and if you haven't seen it, take the time out and take the family. you will not be disappointed. well, a winter storm passes through parts of pennsylvania. a look at the damage done and the cleanup now underway in that state. and doctors are looking at a new way to diagnose autism. how this can help families afblthed by the disorder. now the apple of one family's eye. how that brave dog made their day. now let's go back to new york for the latest in business news.
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good morning. topping america's money, retailing winners and losers, the verdicts are in. the biggest loser was sears which announced yesterday it is closing at least 100 sears and k mart stores because of poor sales. the macy's chain were winners though. online merchants also had a good holiday. come scores says we spent more than $35 billion through monday. 15% more than last year. >> and a federal agency expects $152 billion this year, well above the previous high set in . canada, mexico, china and brazil. and kraft foods is getting crafty with a smart vending machine offering adult only dessert. it actually scans faces to make sure the tasters are old enough. and that's america's money.
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a family in washington, d.c. has their pooch to thank for safing their lives. a 2-year-old york shire terrier sounded the alarm for a fire at 7:30 yesterday morning. he started barking loudly and scratching the bedroom doors >> he just kept scratching on the door and i was like quit scratching on my door. >> he was crying and barking loudly. at that time i knew something was wrong. >> a major fire had sparked in the bathroom. mom, dad and the thee kids immediately evacuated and made it out safely before firefighters arrived. the home is now boarded up and investigators say it was an electrical fire that started in
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the walls and that family has their little dog to thank. rains caused problems near philadelphia. at times the gusts were up to 40 miles per hour. it was all part of unusually warm weather this time of year. we'll have justin talk about that in a second because i think we're still kind of warm, aren't we? >> way warm. >> we're dealing with snow now in understood nap lis. that region got up to 2 inches of snow in some areas causing cars to slide off roadways as well as a four-car crash. no one was injured. in indianapolis they're getting the snow but they're calling for a cooldown. we're still a little warm. >> we're still warm even behind this storm. some of the coldest numbers we can find are barely dipping into the upper 30s, but we like to head out to westminster. we've got a full exposure to
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that wind out of the west northwest now 15-mile-per-hour sustained wind. gusting at 32. 16-mile-per-hour sustained winds so that's going to take our windchills down to upper 20s, low 30s, and we're officially 42 in baltimore. i believe we're actually raining in the inner harbor right now. 26 in buffalo with their snow and the cold air wrapping behind this storm that is now pulling its way up in through eastern canada. so we've got that sonoma sheen and a little disturbance trying to carry that through. we built in some of the ser winds and we've got another push to deal with this morning. if anything maybe a flake could fly or sprinkle. southern sections of p.a. and york county, we should be dry today. it's just about those winds and as those dispersed, the wind settled down tonight, we'll get mighty cold. in and out of the clouds for the next few days with a disturbance and quick moving pattern taking
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most of the energy to our north and we could get clipped on the north side. winds settle, cluds break, tonight we're back to about 25. gets interesting the next couple of days, well, actually next week because still normal 45 tomorrow. 53 friday and showers painly to our north, they ole be close by, 50 saturday, 48 sunday. next week potential storm, some models show a major storm on the east coast. others completely ignoring it. we have to account for the fact we could have rain going to a mix and ending with some accumulating snow monday into tuesday. >> on the roadways right now, had a lot of rain last night for our motorists traveling in that area. flooding in the roadway especially on route 7 in elton. at that point route 7 is delaware avenue. your flooding going to be between howard street and white
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hall road. in the meantime if you're traveling around in baltimore county, no troubles to report on the beltway. one accident reported in parkville. this is a live look at harford road and 695 on the north side of the beltway. traffic moving without delay here and on the west side 695 and 40, baltimore national pike, the beltway moving well on the west side as well. our drive times on the beltway between pikesville and overly, no delays to report. traffic flowing freely. no extra time needed on 95 or the harsburg expre. parents of autistic children already have their eye towards 2013. in may of that year the american psychiatric association will release a revamped diagnosis way for autism disorders. symptoms would fall along the spectrum of severity.
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new criteria would also reclassify many children originally diagnosed with autism. >> it really indicates what kind of services and accommodations you're going to get at school. autism is one of the highest educational classifications so many people with autism get a significant amount of services through their school. i think the worry is that if my child loses that classification, what happens? and we don't know what's going to happen yet. >> many doctors are saying the criteria is needed to help pinpoint the most accurate diagnosis and provide families with the best treatment options available. a new painkiller already causing some controversy and it's at in even on store shelves yet. painkiller said to be more powerful than the drug vicodin. some say it could lead to more abuse. one company has already passed level one of the fda hurdle. a recent study of about 6,000 people found that smiling can lower your risk of stroke. scientists believe that
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decreased risk could be because people who smile more tend to be more optimistic and make healthier food and exercise choices and thus live healthier lives. we all know just how big and sometimes aggressive crocodiles can get. they've got a story now. >> let it go. let it go. >> he wanted to eat a lawn mower. what he lost and what some park rangers kept. and the effect on one japanese auto maker this morning. we are tracking what's new and next for you on this wednesday. get you out the door on time with everything you need to know. that's a look down at the inner harbor. you're watching good morning maryland. we're back in a moment.
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a suspect in a double murder on long island turns himself in here in maryland. why he did this coming up. >> and one year ago today was the last time anyone saw felicia barns alive. how she's being remembered one year later. we're going to take you to times square where they're getting ready for the big ball drop. all that's coming up in a couple
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of days but it is wednesday, december 28th. good morning maryland. let's head over to justin with a check of this wednesday forecast. >> we could tie a leash to that ball and call it a kite today. i'm sure it would take air if we had the ability -- well, maybe not that ball but maybe a small dog today. we've got strong winds. as the storm pulled out of here, getting some fresh snow in western p.a. we've got the clouds that have pushed in here and we will notice those winds a little bit more active as the morning wears on. temperatures have bumped up a little bit here and that is actually just a surge headed in the next disturbance. winds will pick up in the next couple of hours. we'll be in
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the general 35 to 40 range and a mostly cloudy skies and winds could reach 30 miles per hour. we'll try to break the clouds, get our way back to 43 and then we'll warm things up into new year's weekend. here's angela with traffic. >> an update on some of the earlier trouble spots we had. if you're traveling on 50 now, eastbound lanes all open at route 2. that earlier tractor trailer fire on the shoulder so you will see people slowing down just to take a look. northbound 295 at the harbor tunnel throughway, got that accident scene cleared for you there. traveling through howard county, still good to go. smooth sailing all the way down to the d.c. region. maryland 100, more cars joining you there but traffic flowing at posted speed. still looking good for the most part. no extra time needed. this is a live shot of traffic flow on the north side. your drive times still in good shape for the most part. no extra time needed making the drive on the topside of 695. a suspect turns himself in in maryland after a woman and her child were found murdered i


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